Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many different inks does Videojet have available?

A: Videojet has over 100 different inks. These inks utilize numerous solvent bases, are available in many different colors, have a wide range of performance characteristics and operate in a variety of our ink jet printers. We also offer a number of alternatives to address any environmental concerns that you may have.

Q: What range of ink colors do you offer?

A: Videojet offers a wide range of ink colors including black, white, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, brown, purple, pink, gray and magenta. We also have invisible inks that can be seen with UV light and inks that change color when subjected to certain environmental conditions.

Q: Are inkjet printers environmentally friendly?

A: The EXCEL Series are the greenest CIJ printers in the market. Not only do they have the lowest emissions, but also Videojet offers a wide variety of inks and accessories to minimize and/or eliminate harmful emissions. The breadth of these environmental solutions will allow you to maintain the environment without sacrificing productivity.

Q: What if I need help in repairing my printer or ordering a part?

A: 24 Hours Support is available to help answer your service questions and assist you in obtaining the parts that you need. A local Service Engineer can provide you with expertise in servicing and maintaining all of your Videojet products.