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Laser Marking is a non-contact printing method that offers advantages over other technologies including mark quality, permanence and fewer consumables

  • 60W CO2 Laser Marking with Optional CLARiTY Touchscreen Controller

  • Fastest Laser Marking System with mark speed capability of up to 2,100 Characters per second

  • Widest Marking Field reduces the number of lasers that used to cover multi-lane / wide web applications 

  • 10W CO2 Laser Marking

  • Designed for Simple Coding Applications

  • Maximum line speed: 60m/min (197 ft/min)

  • 10-Watt & 20-Watt Fiber Industrial Laser Printer for High Quality Marking on Metal

  • Most Compact, Versatile and Low Maintenance Solid-state marking systems available

  • Designed for direct parts marking and unique identification applications on Metals and Plastics

  • 30W CO2 Laser Marking with CLARiTY Touchscreen Controller

  • Extended mark speed capability of up to 150,000 Products per hour

  • Ideal for High Line Speed Applications

  • Integration features for Fast Install and Set-up

  • 100-Watt Fiber Laser Marking high contrast at high speed

  • Quality Marking on Robust Plastic and Metal Materials

  • Maximum single line speed: 600m/min (1968 ft/min)

  • Marking Head can be easily integrated into production lines or complex machinery, allowing for an increased range of laser installation opportunities

  • Reduced mounting bracketry offers Easy Adjustment of the fiber laser marking head, aiding faster set-up and re-positioning of the laser head

  • 10W CO2 Laser Marking with CLARiTY Touchscreen Controller

  • High performance delivers crisp codes on Moderate Line Speed Applications

  • Line Set-up wizard aids fast product changeovers

  • Virtually No Maintenance and Limited Consumables

  • 50-Watt Fiber Laser Marking high contrast at high speed

  • Quality marking on Robust Plastic and Metal Materials 

  • Maximum single line speed: 440m/min (1440 ft/min)

  • 2-Watt Ultraviolet Wavelength laser marking

  • Permanent, high contrast marks on HDPE/LDPE and DuPont Tyvek Packaging

  • Marks up to 250 products per minute with no code distortion on rotary devices