Wolke m610 Advanced

Thermal Inkjet Printer


  • Prints 600 x 600 dpi high resolution codes suitable for machine vision inspection

  • Advanced communication protocol for remote operation and high-speed serialization

  • Used extensively in pharmaceutical and tobacco applications

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High Speed, High Resolution Printing

  • Print 600 x 600 dpi high resolution codes up to 50.8mm in height

  • Wide range of bar codes including DataMatrix and stacked symbologies

  • Maximum line speed of up to 75m/min when printing at exceptional print quality of 600 x 240 dpi

Uptime Advantage
  • No wear items or replacement parts outside of inkjet cartridge 

  • Simple cartridge changes can occur in less than one minute with no specialized training

Simple Usability
  • The 8.4 inch LCD display with full, sealed, keyboard for intuitive operation

  • Clean operation with genuine HP cartridges virtually eliminating spills and mess

  • Simple code selection and customer selectable rules prevent human error

  • All common funtions accessed in five or fewer touches

Ideal For Packaging Line Integration
  • The small footprint and industrial design is easy to integrate into existing production lines

  • Integrate printer via webserver functionality for remote control from third party HMI displays

  • Data interfaces include TCP/IP, RS232, USB, ZPL and Text Communication

  • Advanced communication protocol for remote operation and high speed serialization

Wolke m610 box printing
Wolke m610 pharmaceutical
Wolke m610 box printing