Wolke m610 oem

Thermal Inkjet Printer


  • Delivers breakthrough integration versatility combined with the industry's most powerful and secure data handling

  • Designed for seamless system integration especially in pharmaceutical packaging applications

  • Flexible web interface enables easy print control from any large screen user interface

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Powerful Data Handling for Serialization Requirements

  • Secure ultra-fast processing of 20 unique records per second, including 2D DataMatrix and GS1 128 bar codes

  • Powerful processing hardware with formidable data buffer for serialized record management

  • Validated Wolke remote commands and data handling commands

  • Unicode TrueType fonts for global projects

  • Asynchronous communications practices alleviate network traffic

Ultimate Flexibility When Integration Matters
  • Up to 60% smaller than comparable TIJ controllers with 24V DC power for easy cabinet installation

  • 18 different mounting options in various orientations including flush-mount or DIN rail

  • Connect up to six printheads and run any four simultaneously for switching between print locations without mechanical adjustment

  • Printer operations and settings managed exclusively via the host packaging line HMI

Advanced Innovation Drives Productivity
  • Perpetuo Print Mode extends production runs or allows ink replenishment without stopping the line

  • Dynamic Print Intensity allows different DPI resolutions to be set for bar codes and text within one printhead which optimizing ink consumption

  • Specialised portfolio of Wolke TIJ inks optimize critical applications

Wolke m610 box printing
Wolke m610 pharmaceutical
Wolke m610 box printing