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Selangor International Business Summit 2019

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Maximising Possibilities Under One Event: The favorable financial climate and trade position within the state provide the perfect springboard for the leap into other ASEAN markets.

Location: Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC)

Date: 10th October 2019 - 14th October 2019

Participants: Management & Staff from Headquarters

Your Reliable Business Partner

Standing out as food technology expo, Primerite showcases its industrial marking and coding machine equipped with the technology from United States, which bring conveniences to the F&B industry. Surprisingly, TSL Bestmas is one of Primerite business partners, with Primerite supplies packaging machine. Primerite is aiming to get prospectors, reellers and direst users who are interesting to utilize their machine in F&B industry.

Why We Participate Every Year?

Sales & Technical Team

The reason behind that allows businesses to go beyond the confines of traditional marketing and connect directly with customers and prospects. Exhibition presents the unique opportunity to build face-to-face connections, drawing from a targeted audience of decision makers and professionals within your industry. Stepping outside of the confines of digital marketing and remote sales efforts provides a valuable insight as to how customers interact with products and services, allowing us to meet their needs on an individual basis.

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