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The inherent simplicity, uptime and print resolution of Thermal Inkjet Printers combined with the simple usability of Videojet and Wolke controllers make these printers ideal

  • Purpose-Built MEK Cartridge for adhesion on a variety of non-porous substrates

  • Cartridge Readiness System helps provide consistent code quality

  • Code Assurance features minimise potential coding mistakes

  • Powerful and secure Pharma Serialization Data Handling

  • Designed for Seamless System Integration

  • Flexible Web Interface enables easy print control from any large screen user interface

  • Extensive communications protocol ideal for Remote Control and Secondary Applications

  • High Resolution Print (up to 600 dpi) suitable for high quality small and large font codes

  • Prints 600 x 600 dpi high resolution code suitable for machine vision inspection

  • Advanced communication protocol for Remote Operation and High-Speed Serialization