Videojet® 1040

Continuous Industrial Inkjet Printer


  • Low volume operations running less than 5 days per week

  • Experience high quality print and automatic maintenance procedures to keep printer running optimally at great value

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Quality Guarantee



Speed without compromising quality

  • Apply high legible codes up to 7.5mm in height onto primary products and outer case packaging

  • Clean and crisp codes to improve brand reputation

  • Accurate drop placement technology provides precise character formation in mutliple printing environment at multiple speeds

Engineered to keep line running
  • Auto-cleaning printhead delivers up to 12 days of continuous use wihtout cleaning

  • Dynamic Calibration automatically adjusts printing parameters for changing temperature or humidity conditions without manual operator intervention

  • Reliable start-up and print following extended shutdown up to two days

No Mess & Waste Fluid Delivery
  • Advanced fluid management reduces makeup consumption to as low as 2.4ml/hr

  • Smart Cartridge fluid delivery system to virtually eliminate spills and ensure correct fluids are being use

Simple Usability
  • Intuitive 7'' color touchscreen is easy to operate with fewer steps to input codes, requiring less operator training

  • Visual job selection and layout preview helps operator ensure the correct codes will be printed

  • Automatic date and time insert function reduces the risk of waste and rework from incorrect codes

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