Videojet® 1220 

Continuous Inkjet Printer


  • Specifically designed to meet basic coding and production applications across a wide range of substrates

  • Ideal for single to multiple shift applications which operating at moderate line speeds

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Speed without compromising quality

  • Ideal solution for a range of slow to moderate speed applications

  • Store up to 100 complex messages for easy recall

  • Small and portable where easily to move from line to line with minimal connections

Engineered to keep line running
  • Videojet's advanced core technology includes all ink system filters and common wear parts

  • Intervals of up to 9,000 hours between preventive maintenance

  • Auto cleaning printhead for fast start-ups, even after extended shutdowns

No Mess & Waste Fluid Delivery
  • Make-up consumption as low as 2.4ml/hour

  • Smart Cartridge fluid delivery system to virtually eliminate spills and ensure correct fluids are being use

Simple Usability
  • Bright display with WYSIWYG and function keys for easy operation

  • User levels to separate operation from installation and maintenance

  • Prompted user fields to help reduce coding errors

Inkjet VJ1220 bottle cap
Inkjet VJ1220 glass bottle
Inkjet VK1220 plastic packing
Inkjet VJ1220 plastic bottle