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Videojet® 1650HR 

High Resolution Industrial Inkjet Printer


  • Engineered for micro print applications where legibility is critical and print space is limited

  • Designed to deliver uncompromised quality down to smallest 0.6mm print height and speeds of up to 348m/min (1142fpm)

  • Addresses demands for more content in less space but also brings advanced functionality to help improve business

  • Code Assurance features help eliminate common coding errors by helping your operators put the right code on the right product

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Micro Printing Benefits and Nozzle Enhancements of 1620HR

  • On-board Code Assurance to help prevent coding mistakes

  • Advanced software minimizes and mistake-proofs operator inputs to the coding and marking process to help reduce errors

  • Operator inputs are limited to specified choices, with field prompts, drop-down menus, calendar displays and predefined formats to help ensure correct entries

Built-in Productivity Tools to improve OEE and keep lines operational
  • Bright touchscreen interface that provides real-time fluid levels, maintenance alerts, print jobs and other operational information

  • Instant fault information is displayed to get your printer and line running again – fast

  • Drill down into Printer Availability data to discover technical and operational causes of downtime, get to the root cause of downtime events and fix them for good