Videojet® 3020 CO

Laser Marking Machine


  • Top speeds up to 500 characters per second

  • Excellent mark quality due to the scribing laser technology and large marking fields

  • Compact size and versatility make it easy and quick to set up new jobs or move the unit

  • Offers Videojet proven uptime in an affordable entry level laser coder

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Uptime Advantage

  • Portable and lightweight, the 3020 is designed to aid simple changeover. Setting up for different size products takes less than 20 minutes by adjusting the 3020’s mobile stand

  • Long-life laser tube provides years of reliable operation

Delivering Consistent High Quality Codes
  • Scribing technology produces clear, high quality marks on both moving and stationary products

  • Internal laser cooling, built upon efficient laser design, does not require external air sources, saving money

  • Compact, self-contained design integrates nicely in existing production lines; the 3020 can be positioned in a variety of angles and heights

Simple Usability
  • Touchscreen user interface has built-in tools and wizards that guide you through code creation, job set-up and changeover to reduce operator errors

  • Extra-large marking field enables accurate coding in multiple locations, enabling more content to be marked across a larger area

  • Print at speeds up to 500 characters per second

  • Maximum line speed of 60 m/min

Laser VJ3020 marking
Laser VJ3020 plastic marking
Laser VJ3020 expiry marking
Laser VJ3020 packing printing

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