Videojet® 3210 CO
Laser Marking Machine


  • Advanced German engineering and extensive laser application expertise are combined into a refined design that makes laser coding achievable for everyone

  • Designed to make the transition seamless with a compact, single-box solution that is easy to install and requires minimal operator training

  • Featuring a long-life laser source, high-quality codes, and no consumables

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Quality Guarantee


Laser within Reach

  • Videojet is a proven expert at making laser easy to use, no matter how tough the environment, difficult the application, or inexperienced the operator

  • Exceptional German engineering with superior component design ensure a reliable, high-quality system that can handle a wide range of applications

Design for Efficiency
  • A compact, lightweight design makes line integration seamless

  • A small footprint and versatile mounting configurations simplify line changeovers

  • The intuitive TCS+ touchscreen interface with setup wizards make job creation straightforward

A Better Solution for your Line
  • Laser systems require no consumables so you never have to stock ink and solvent again

  • Lasers create permanent codes that provide built-in counterfeit protection for your product

  • Precise laser codes are easily readable and help convey the quality of your products


VJ3210 Laser Bottle Marking
VJ3210 Laser Box Marking
VJ3210 Laser PET Marking