Videojet® 4210

Commercial Addressing Printer


  • Highly reliable inkjet technology lets us print variable data on nearly any surface

  • Solvent can be used to clean the printhead and water based ink that printed on the product

  • Has intelligent stacker control to monitor the printers condition

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Quality Guarantee



Reliable Inkjet technology With Solvent And Water Based Inks
  • Typical throughput of 20,000 pieces per hour

  • Complete line of inks and fluids to print on a variety of coated substrates including polywrap

Drop-in Replacement For Cheshire System 4000
  • Simple upgrade path

  • Leverage investment with existing Videojet 270g inkjet printers

Intelligent Stacker Control Available
  • Supports most common digital I/O controlled stackers

  • Take advantage of postal discounts by optimizing bundle sizes based on user-definable settings

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