Videojet® 7230/7330

Fiber Laser Marker


  • Light, compact and adaptable laser marking solutions offering high-speed marking with complex data, easy operability and industry-leading integration capabilities

  • 20-Watt for marking permanent quality codes on robust and high-density materials

  • Designed for demanding production schedules in the Parts-Marking, FnB, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Pharmaceutical industries

  • Available with option of a 6mm and 10mm marking head, covering a wide variety of marking and coding operations

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Quality Guarantee


Easy Integration

  • Benefit from greater versatility in tight spaces with a compact, lightweight marking head weighing only 4.4kg

  • Seamlessly integrate the 7230 or 7330 fiber laser into your production line with EtherNet / IP™ and PROFINET

  • Achieve greater flexibility in production line integration with a choice of working distances, and the orientation option of either a straight or 90 degree marking head

Uptime Advantage
  • Maximize performance with long-life laser source expectancy up to 100,000 hours mean time before failure (MTBF)

  • Air-cooled laser source that virtually eliminates maintenance intervals

  • No wear parts help to minimize downtime

Simple Usability
  • Focus more on production and less on user interaction and maintenance with an easy-to-use laser solution that is intuitive to the operator without the need for additional training

  • Reduce the risk of rework and recalls with familiar look and feel user interfaces, offering simple operation and message creation

  • Choose from a variety of user interfaces to control Videojet laser marking systems, including Videojet Touch Control Software (TCS+) and Videojet CLARiTY™ utilized in other Videojet marking and coding solutions

Built-In Productivity
  • Improve marking productivity with a combination of the largest marking window in the industry and 2000 characters per second marking speeds

  • Benefit from standard and customizable communication protocols

  • Achieve top speeds with serialization data and complex codes, thanks to faster data processing capabilities versus previous Videojet lasers


Laser VJ7230/7330 marking
Laser VJ7230/7330 plastic marking
Laser VJ7230/7330 industrial marking
Laser VJ7230/7330 printing fiber