Videojet® 7810

UV Laser Marking Machine


  • Delivers high-contrast, permanent codes enabling product lifetime track and trace for pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetic manufacturers

  • 2-Watt Ultraviolet wavelength laser marking

  • Prevents the risk of counterfeiting and meet industry regulations with crisp, vision readable 2D codes on white HDPE and LDPE plastic

  • Make up to 250 products per minute with no code distortion on rotary devices

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Quality Guarantee



Uptime Advantage

  • Zero consumables to replace during day-to-day operation keeps lines running longer

  • Maximum laser availability with air-cooled laser source that virtually eliminates unscheduled downtime

  • No daily mechanical maintenance procedures help increase uptime

Engineered for high performance and quality
  • High throughput on both rotary and linear applications up to 250 products per minute

  • UV wavelength enables high speed marking-on-the-fly of HDPE/LDPE packaging to increase efficiency

  • Mark quality, vision readable 2D codes up to 5.0m/sec

  • 360° Arc Compensation Software feature enables consistent high quality marks on rotational devices, virtually eliminating distortion

  • Repeatable high contrast color change for top grade vision readability on white HDPE/LDPE

Simple Usability
  • SmartGraph software allows for simple set-up of Arc Compensation parameters

  • Coding processes are simplified through the ability to mark any code, in any orientation, anywhere on the product

  • UV wavelength marks high resolution and high contrast onto HDPE/ LDPE without the need for additives and revalidation of packaging materials

Laser VJ7810 UV marking
Laser VJ7810 bottle marking
Laser VJ7810 plastic bottle